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Over 1.5 million passengers fly from Cardiff Airport annually with passenger numbers growing year-on-year. As part of its ambitious growth plans, Cardiff Airport seeks to implement technology to help it provide the best experience possible to its customers and to help maximise revenue opportunities

The Brief

Cardiff Airport was already using UpriseVSI’s online booking system, thinkBooker, to manage the bookings and capacity for their airport executive lounge. With that in place, their next objective was to bring together the data held within the other internal and external IT systems that they used into a single unified customer view. From flight bookings, airport parking and Wi-Fi registrations to executive lounge bookings, surveys, feedback, and corporate sales, they wanted a single view of how customers interacted with various touchpoints and used the airport’s various services and a CRM system which would help the corporate sales team to maximise sales.


The website development team at UpriseVSI created a feedback management system that allowed Cardiff Airport to move from multiple separate systems and spreadsheets to a faster, more efficient online solution.

The new feedback system records issues in real-time across multiple channels including email, phone, social media or by staff within the terminal building.  Once logged, the issues are sent to operational managers across the business to deal with, automatically escalating them to senior managers if they are not resolved within defined timescales. As a result, Cardiff Airport can now record, respond to and manage issues much more quickly and effectively.


Cardiff Airport had used surveys on various channels. However, they were being created on different platforms and weren’t cross-referenced for contacts.

The UpriseVSI solution meant that staff could create and publish custom surveys onto any media channel quickly and easily, gaining valuable feedback and customer insight.


The corporate sales team at Cardiff Airport needed a bespoke CRM System which could hold data relating to companies and key contacts, as well as recording communication with them.

Our thinkCRM solution offers both communication logs and task triggers to prompt follow-up actions for the corporate sales team, to ensure that they capitalise on each commercial opportunity.

Since the corporate sales team are often out of the office, it was essential that the system was accessible on any device, whether desktop, tablet or smartphone. With its responsive design, members of the sales team can access information wherever they are and update notes and tasks within the CRM system.


A key part of the project was integration of the feedback and CRM system with other software systems. Since the executive lounge booking system, survey creation system, feedback monitoring platform and Sales CRM were all our own technologies, this was a straightforward process.

However, we also needed to integrate with various third-party systems.  Using their API’s, our development team integrated with Holiday Extras for airport parking, Rezcomm for flight bookings and Virgin for Wi-Fi registrations.

Working with each integration partner, we developed a suitable secure data transfer and import process to merge the data from each platform with our own data warehouse to help build a complete picture of a customer’s use of the airport facilities.


A key aspect of any integration is the cascade and prioritisation of data.

As each third-party system captures and validates data differently, sometimes in ways which may not improve the existing data held in the central CRM system, the transformation process must be robust, reliable and intelligent.

The new CRM system automatically selects the most accurate data from each source and applies that to the specific customer records, ensuring that the complete customer picture remains up-to-date and correct.

The lifespan and timeliness of data are also important since data provided by one system might be more than 24-hours old and just one-hour old from another, our CRM automatically considers which data is the most relevant and treats it with a higher priority.


Cassie Houghton
Head of Marketing and PR, Cardiff Airport

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