Manage data, gain customer insight

thinkCRM is our custom-built CRM system which securely stores customer information and transactions. This allows you to gain insight into your customer buying habits and preferences  and to be more effective with your marketing.


 As well as helping you to identify trends and opportunities, thinkCRM, allows you to communicate with your customers through specifically-targeted automated email marketing campaigns. Integration with demographic profiling software, such as ACORN (A Classification of Residential Neighbourhoods), can provide useful information and analysis of customer data. This can be displayed as easy-to-understand graphs and enables you to drill down into reports to see exactly what is happening across your business.

thinkCRM can be integrated into our other technology products including thinkCMS, thinkShopper and thinkBooker. It can also integrate with your own systems, allowing you to pull customer data from disparate sources into one single customer view.

thinkCRM Features

Customer insight

Automated email marketing

Demographic profiling

Customer survey questionnaires

Bespoke reporting

Management dashboard

Advanced data audit

Web services XML layer

thinkCRM Benefits

  • Customer insight improves margin and yield
  • Intelligent de-duplication layer maintains data integrity
  • Personalised and targeted content and messaging


  • Insightful executive and management reporting dashboard
  • Automated email marketing and messaging to improve customer service

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