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Our search engine optimisation experts can help your website rank for the terms that your potential customers are searching for and increase visitors.


Most businesses and brands today accept the importance of search engine optimisation. Being able to be found on page one of search engine results for the terms that your customers are using is vital. But unless you’re doing it correctly, it could actually put you further down the list.

Being first in the organic search list is literally priceless. You can’t buy that position, you have to earn it by proving you’re worthy. Ultimately, you want to be seen as an authority in your industry. Providing regular, relevant and top quality content is the best way to do this, but everything from social influence and responsive design to local search relevancy can also be a factor.

Search engine algorithms are more advanced than ever and changing all the time. Today, simply stuffing your content full of keywords will only penalise your website. Our SEO service doesn’t come as a “one-size-fits-all” offering. We create a bespoke SEO strategy that we believe will deliver the best long-term results. We follow best practice, white-hat tactics to not only get you to the top of search engine results but also make sure that you stay there. With a structured approach and a thorough understanding of both SEO and social media, we'll create a strategy that delivers consistently.

The key benefits of search engine optimisation 

Increased traffic

Cost effectiveness

Increased site usability

Brand awareness

More enquiries, leads and sales

Better online presence

Our SEO services include:

  • Site Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • On Page Optimisation
  • Content Creation
  • Link Building Services
  • Google Places Optimisation

Here’s how search engine optimisation works

Site Audit

We’ll let you know how well-structured your site is, the strength of any links, the quantity and quality of the content and how optimised it already is.


From usability and error testing to page speed, responsive design and site architecture, we’ll highlight areas for improvement.

Competitor Analysis

We’ll explore what tactics your competitors are using. This will help us to identify SEO targets and provide the basis for your own strategy.


With an understanding of what's happening elsewhere in your market, we can create a more effective strategy for your business.

Keyword Research

We’ll ensure that you’re not targeting the wrong search terms.


By exploring which keywords your target customers are using, how much search volume there is, and their level of competition, we can finalise the most relevant keywords before your SEO strategy is in place.

On Page Optimisation

The two most important aspects of an SEO strategy are the technical optimisation of content and the constant creation of new content.


We’ll technically optimise the internal pages of your site for relevant keywords. This will include meta titles, meta descriptions, headings and subheadings, images and content optimisation.

Content Creation

Search engines love new content. As far as they’re concerned, it proves that you are an authority on your subject.


Online copywriting is an important aspect of any SEO strategy. But it has to be regular, relevant, quality content. We can help you to write website copy and post regular articles on your own site and others.

Link Building Services

Every time a website links to yours, it will climb further up search engine results. From directories, blogs and forums to news and PR sites, we’ll establish links from a variety of quality sources.


We’ll also send regular requests to relevant sites and organisations who already deal with your business.

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