Design that does more than make you look good

A pretty design will only get you so far, we create websites that open quickly, are simple to navigate and get your message across clearly.


Your website should be working hard for your business. But it only takes a few slip-ups for visitors to click elsewhere. Especially if it takes too long to load, it’s difficult to find information quickly, or it’s unclear just what you can offer to potential clients.

At upriseVSI, we understand that a good online experience isn’t just about great design. That’s why we always start by finding out what makes your business tick. But also, what your customers want. By identifying what makes you different in your market, we can create a website that tells visitors why they should choose you over your competitors.

With an understanding of both you and your customers, we can design a website that’s tailor-made to both your needs and theirs. We can design based on our own content management system, thinkCMS, or adapt them to suit an existing CMS, from WordPress and Umbraco to most other platforms.

The key benefits of efficient website design

Enhanced user experience

Easy to navigate

Clear calls to action

Engage & convert visitors

Improve SEO

Look good on all devices

Our design service includes:

  • Thorough briefing process
  • Wireframe designs & sitemap
  • Responsive design
  • Information architecture
  • Website content
  • Website optimisation & SEO

Here’s how we design a website

The Briefing Stage

We’ll organise a thorough briefing to discuss the needs of the business, the requirements of your customers and any suggestions relating to the website’s look and feel.


We'll now have a thorough understanding of what you and your customers want from the website. We'll then ensure that the finished site will match your existing brand in terms of both design and messaging.

The Design Stage

We’ll put together a suggested site map that highlights the information most relevant to visitors, allowing them to easily navigate the site. Then we’ll put together wireframes before presenting the final design.


All of our sites are designed and developed to be responsive. In other words, they’ll look as good and work as well on any device, from a PC or laptop to a tablet or mobile.


The Content Stage

We can work with you to agree the best way to structure the information architecture on the site. If you’d like to fill the site with your own content, that’s fine.


Alternatively, you can work with our team of experienced copywriters to produce well-crafted, informative, SEO-optimised website content that gets your message across clearly and concisely.


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