word to your mother!

how brands are putting the social into mother’s day.

Whether you call her ‘Mum’, ‘Mom’ or even ‘Mama’, on Mothering Sunday we appreciate everything that comes with being a mother.

Recently, wishing Happy Mother’s Day on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram has grown in popularity. In fact, a recent poll conducted by Facebook ahead of Mother’s Day, shows that a quarter of its UK users are friends with their mum on the platform. 13% of users have already planned on using Facebook to wish their mum a happy Mother’s Day. Something that would have been unheard of a couple of years ago!

This increased use of social media has meant that big brands are now coming up with innovative social media campaigns to capture the attention of consumers and tug on their heart strings before the big day.

Here are a few social media campaigns we’ve found for Mother’s Day:

Post Office #DearMum

The Post Office will be delivering musical messages to Mums around the UK. They are encouraging Twitter users to follow @Post Office, Tweet a special Mother’s Day message using #DearMum and 15 entries will then be picked and filmed as a one-of-a-kind Vine message, sung by a Barbershop Quartet. What more could mums want on Mother’s Day than to be serenaded to?

Post Office

Boots’ Big Mother’s Day Event!

Boots has taken a combined offline and online approach by getting customers in their stores to have their photo taken with a special in- store tag and then encouraging them to virtually tag themselves in Boots’ Facebook Album.


Waitrose #ThanksMum

Waitrose is also embracing the idea of digital and real-life Mother’s Day celebrations by encouraging the nation to share their #ThanksMum messages across Twitter, Facebook and online platforms. With every message submitted a flower will be planted in both a digital and real-life version of a giant 3D blossoming Mother’s Day card at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.


Google “Here’s to the Moms”

Google has decided to celebrate Sunday’s holiday via its own social networking site, Google +. They have produced a very touching video to show how technology, including their own products, can be used to connect with the people in your life you care most about.


Oxfam #OxfamMums

And finally, Oxfam are attempting a record-breaking Mother’s Day card at a live, five-day art event at London’s Westfield. The stunt involves a giant canvas divided up into lots of little squares, when a member of the public selects a square to dedicate to their mum via their website, artist Lizzie Mary Cullen will paint that square in real life. All of it will be advertised on social media platforms using #OxfamMums.


With social media fast becoming the way that people choose to show appreciation for their loved ones, it seems that the Mother’s Day phone call, get-together and celebration might be replaced with expressions of sentiment that are a bit more ‘virtual’.

Written by Rachael Holder, Social Media Account Executive

Categories: Digital Marketing

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