Why proofreading matters


From billboards at traffic lights to mobile devices that connect us to the internet at the touch of a button, we're constantly surrounded by new content. Whether it's a few simple words on a social media graphic or a double-paged advert in the morning's paper, the written word is everywhere. Fortunately, that's good news for those of us who provide a full copywriting service, but it also brings with it a certain pressure. As the saying goes, the devil is in the detail. And in a digital world that's constantly moving, businesses need a quicker turnaround on projects. Whilst fast-paced is great, rushing can sometimes lead to sloppiness, which is why we're advocates for the often forgotten art of proofreading.

The power of the written word

Words are one of the most powerful tools a business has. They have the ability to inform, inspire and entertain whilst enabling you to form strong relationships with customers. Of course, this all comes back to tone of voice, which is a topic for another day. Yet, the way your words are laid out on a page matters too. A simple typo can undo all of that hard work. Thoughtless sentence structure can leave your customers confused, and your message becomes easily lost. We all know that the best words come from the heart, but when they're being immortalised on a page, they should also take a trip through the brain to ensure that the message translates!

Time can never mend the careless errors

To paraphrase the late George Michael, careless errors are difficult to erase. No matter how many hours of hard work you pour into a project, the good things are forgotten long before the bad. People remember mistakes. Whilst we're only human and errors are unavoidable, people have a habit of remembering blunders. Whilst your customers are unlikely to hold it against you if you use "you're" instead of "your" once or twice, it's not something you want to become associated with. Typos make you look sloppy. When you've spent so much time building up a brand that you're proud of, the last thing you want is to undo all of that hard work for the sake of half an hour spent proofreading. 

The high cost of small mistakes

A careless typo on a social media post or blog will leave you a little red-faced, but it can be quickly amended and forgotten about. Whilst these typos are hardly ideal, they're not apocalyptic. However, some typos can cost you far more than just a little embarrassment. A few years back, Reebok misspelt 'everything' on one of their billboard adverts which probably wasn't cheap to fix! Thorough proofreading will cost you a little extra time, but it'll save you money in the long run. Imagine sending a brochure to print, paying for thousands of copies and discovering a typo when it's too late. After you've found one typo, it's difficult to forget it. 

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