what rhymes with uprise?


It’s Poetry Day, so the team at Uprise have decided to wax lyrical about our services in various poetic styles, from telemarketing limericks to coding odes.


A Tetractys poem about WEB DESIGN



that looks great

and gets results

is what Uprise design is all about.




things simple. That’s

the Uprise way. We get it done without delay.

Think like a customer, get the message right.

Then let it inform, instruct and invite.

Designs                     presented,


outcome obtained. Then

start the process all over


An Ode to CODE


You really speak my (markup) language,

With your syntax smooth and pure,

You can handle my content anytime!

Oh how I love your strong and structured ways.

My <head> and <body> are yours to control!

Nothing can compare, my HTML, you’ll always be my <h1>.


A kyrielle poem about SEO

Here at Uprise we do SEO

This may be something you didn’t know

Don’t be afraid if you don’t understand

We’ll be here to hold your hand.


From keyword research and copywriting

To link building and blog creating

We make it simple so you know where you stand

And in no time you’ll find that you’re in demand.


If you want your website to really be seen

Then give us a call, we won’t be mean

We’ll talk it all over with you beforehand

And by the end you’re bound to feel grand.



Be you a liker, a poker or pinner

An instagram addict, a sharer, a tweeter

An FB fanatic, perhaps a linkedinner,

For me, getting social just couldn’t be neater!


I want to be followed by as many as Gaga

Conversing with friends, celebs and brands

From my Mum, Justin Bieber and stella artois

A virtual network where I can shake hands.


There’s a serious side for companies out there

Use it to reach out and grow

Let people engage, then follow and share

As they say in that song, ‘let it go’!


In short, if there’s one thing that I could reprise,

My advice is to go forth and socialise!



Step back from the day-to-day.

Take a long hard look at your business.

Really question what it is you do well.

And accept the things that you don’t.

Task yourself with making a change.

Evaluate what you want to achieve.

Get a clearer vision of where you want to be.

You’ll start to see the benefits.



The pen meets paper

Fingers tap onto keyboards

Blank pages vanish


A (not at all dirty) limerick about TELEMARKETING

There’s a company called Uprise,

Their job is to vocalise.

If you want targeting, use their telemarketing,

And you’ll see your profits up-rise.


Written by Team Uprise

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