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Whether it’s inspiringly creative or absolutely hysterical, we’re always amazed at some of the things we find on the web. In our new webwise series, we’ll be sharing the best of the web with you.

At Uprise, we’re always sharing weird and interesting news with each other through our internal communication service, Slack. It recently dawned on us that some of the things we find are simply too incredible to be kept to ourselves, and so webwise was born. It gives us an opportunity to share our highlight reel with you and celebrate all that’s weird, wonderful and downright hysterical..

Glorix – Blood Portraits

What: Micro portraits that are painted using blood spatters from real mosquitos.

Who: Glorix, BBDO Russia Group

Why we love it: It’s a clever idea that somehow seamlessly combines something as simple as mosquito repellant with a great incentive like blood donation. It seems like a completely obscure notion, but it works.

 Sharp Suits – Worst client posters

Image source – sharp suits


What: Negative customer comments transformed into eye-catching A3 posters

Who: Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacys

Why we love it: Graphic designers using their creativity to relieve frustration? Say no more. The results speak for themselves. You can see some of the posters here.



Daniel Rozin – fuzzy mirrors

What: Robotic mirrors are used as physical pixels that move on an individual motor to reflect whatever is standing in front of them. This creates a low-resolution, non-digital reflection made from the objects, but it’s still impressive!

Who: Daniel Rozin

Why we love it: Does it get any better than robots racing around to create a reflection of you? Yes, it does….penguin robots that race around to recreate your reflection!

Snickers – You make mistakes when you’re hungry
courtesy of adweek

Image source – adweek

What: Snickers’ marketing agency, BBDO, trawled around New York to put stickers on some of the city’s biggest ‘fails’

Who: BBDO, Snickers

Why we love it: We love a bit of banter at Uprise, particularly when it encompasses some good print marketing!

Persona synthetics

What: Creepy human cyborgs to babysit our children and prepare our meals? We’re in! What could possibly go wrong?!

Who: Channel 4

Why we love it: Sadly, it was all an elaborate ruse for Channel 4’s new programme, Humans, which poses some terrifying questions about the future of artificial intelligence and how far we can take it. Maybe it’s best Persona Synthetics is fake, although we’re impressed with their responsive website design!

3D Abraham Lincoln

Image source – designboom

What: A larger than life 3D portrait of Abraham Lincoln that looks scarily lifelike.

Who: Kazuhiro Tsuji

Why we love it: Admittedly, the eyeballs look a little unnerving when left loose on the tray! But the sheer scale of this portrait and the eye for detail is astounding. We take our hats off to these guys, in fact, we think Honest Abe would have even taken his signature hat off to them as well.

Jurassic Waterloo
courtesy of universal

Image source – universal

What: Velociraptors unleashed in Waterloo station to promote Jurassic World

Who: Universal

Why we love it: I’m sorry, why do we love it?! Velociraptors in a London train station? We defy anyone not to love it. We bet even the grumpiest of Monday morning commuters wanted their photo taken with these delightful dinos!


There you have it, a selection of the most weird and wonderful from the web. We’d love to see what you’ve all stumbled upon in the dark recesses of the web, tweet us your best internet finds.

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