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another month, another webwise

Whether it’s wondrously imaginative or downright hysterical, some of the things we find on the web never cease to amaze us.

In our monthly series, Webwise, we share the best of the web with you.

RIP #DeadRacoonTO

What: A raccoon that achieved Internet stardom from beyond the grave (or at least the sidewalk). If you missed #DeadRacoonTO over on Twitter, then you missed out on some serious laughs. But here’s a chronological timeline of that fateful day.
Who: One raccoon and the thousands of people worldwide who now mourn him. How poignant.
Why we love it: Don’t get us wrong, we’re animal lovers at Uprise and the death of any animal is always sad. But the way social media responded to this was absolutely fantastic.

Hip Hop Super Heroes
courtesy of HypeTrak

image source; HypeTrak

What: Illustrators from Marvel Comics recreate famous hip hop album art.
Who: Marvel Comics
Why we love it: Comic books? Hip Hop music? As self-confessed music lovin’ geeks, this concept pretty much ticked all of the boxes for us.

Twinkle Tush

What: Ladies and gentlemen… we bring you Twinkle Tush.
Who: Cat Crib
Why we love it: Jewels to protect your cat’s modesty; surely every pet owner’s main priority? Perhaps one of the weirdest products we’ve ever seen, but you’ve got to admit, the theme song is catchy! It started out as a gag gift, and when you put the item into your basket, you got redirected to the official Cat Crib website. However, due to high demand, you can now buy the Twinkle Tush.

Insect Ice Cream

courtesy of The Economist

What: Free insect flavoured ice cream for all!
Who: The Economist
Why we love it: In an attempt to attract new readers and subscribers, The Economist took to the streets of London to lure people in with their insect flavoured ice cream. The Economist previously urged readers to turn their backs on eating meat and start an insect diet, due to a projected increase in the global population and the impact of climate change on agriculture. Call us boring, but Choc Hopper (chocolate and grasshopper) just doesn’t sound quite as good as chocoholic from Mario’s ice cream!

 This’ll put lead in your pencil!
courtesy of ThisIsColossal.com

courtesy of ThisIsColossal.com

What: Amazingly detailed lead pencil sculptures
Who: Salavat Fidai
Why we love it: The sheer level of detail that’s gone into these sculptures is mesmerising, but when you consider how small and delicate the lead is to carve, it’s even more breathtaking. You can see more of Salavat’s work here.

Up up and away
courtesy of Tom Warne

courtesy of Tom Warne

What: As a creative marketing agency, we probably should have thought about tying 120 helium balloons to a $20 lawn chair and flying ourselves over Cardiff for a bit of brand awareness. There’s just that small pesky concern of health and safety getting in the way…
Who: Daniel Boria AKA the guy who took marketing into his own hands. There’ll be a Hollywood blockbuster made about this fateful day, mark our words!
Why we love it: It just gets funnier the more and more we read it. We applaud his efforts, although not his criminal record for “one count of mischief”. If you want to read more about Daniel’s escapade, you can do so here. You won’t regret it.


And that’s that! Another month of weird and wonderful finds on the internet. We’d love to see what you’ve all stumbled upon in the dark recesses of the web, tweet us your best Internet finds.

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