the fine art of teasing

“always leave them wanting more.”

This quote, attributed to either Walt Disney or PT Barnum depending where you look online, came to mind when I watched a recent trailer for ‘American Sniper’, directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Bradley Cooper.



I’m an unapologetic movie buff, but I’m also a dyed-in-the-wool marketing bod and that’s why I love film trailers. They’re the perfect example of the importance of succinctness and editing in advertising. Take a 2 hour movie and distil it into a 2 minute spot that makes the viewer want to watch the whole film. No queuing for overpriced popcorn for me. While everyone else is saying, “It’s only the trailers, the film hasn’t started yet”, I’m the guy who’s sat in his seat before the lights go down, waiting for the trailers to start.

But what has this got to do with my day job? I try and bring the same principles of self-editing and brevity to the content that I write when I’m working on a website design or SEO project. The American Sniper trailer is probably one of the better examples of using your content to tease an audience that I’ve seen in a long while. Too many Hollywood trailers give away the best parts of the movie before you’ve even seen it. The whole point is to give the viewer just enough so that they feel like they have to see the movie; you want to leave them craving for more!

Any content should follow the same formula. A press ad should leave you in the sure knowledge that you have a problem that this business or brand can solve, a paragraph of copy on the page of a website should give you just enough information to make you want to click a button or contact them for more information,

Is the content on your website and in your marketing like a well edited movie trailer? Are you giving too much away and going into too much detail? Good, concise copywriting can solve it for you.

And the next time you go to the cinema, get there early for the trailers!

Written by Leigh Taylor, Head of Content & Creative

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