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As a marketing agency, we’ve got a lot of tools at our disposal to get a client’s message in front of as many potential customers as possible. The words and images that we use are hugely important but, with audio and visual proving to be a key element of digital marketing through vodcasts, podcasts and webinars, what we hear in a marketing message is just as important as what we see.

An important part of this is music. Think about your favourite song and it will bring back vivid memories. The right track can evoke an atmosphere and mood without saying a word, which is why successful marketing campaigns across the years have used music to get their messages across. In this digital age it’s easy enough to Shazam an advert, find out what track is being used on it and then download it before the ad break has even finished!

Since June 21st is Music Day, we decided to ask the Uprise Team for the marketing campaigns that they felt used music most effectively.

Nathan Brown – Graphic Designer

Advert – Citroen “C4 Transformer” / Music – Les Rythmes Digitales: Jacques Your Body

C4 Robot - music in marketing

Like everyone else, I loved the visual effects of the transformer in this ad, but the choice of music gives him even more personality.

Geoff Thomas – Finance Director

Advert – Brutus Jeans “Jeans On” / Music – David Dundas: Jeans On

Brutus Jeans - music in marketing

I’m showing my age here, but in the 70s Saatchi and Saatchi made this ground-breaking ad. The use of a 30 second jingle wasn’t anything new, but it became so popular that the songwriter released it as a full length single and it went to number 3 in the UK charts!

Gareth Rees Jones – Managing Director

For me, the RAC ad that used Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones was one of the most memorable soundtracks from a TV advert in the 90s. It was very atmospheric and really suited the feel of the advert, with the pouring rain and the RAC man coming to the rescue. Every time I hear the song, I still think back to the advert. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a copy of it anywhere online! So here’s another great advert soundtrack from a few years ago.

Advert – Center Parcs “Memories Start Here” / Music – Temper Trap: Sweet Disposition

Center Parcs - music in marketing

It’s a happy, feel good song which suits the upbeat style of the advert. Center Parcs obviously received a lot of enquiries about the song, because they put the question and answer on their website.

Mark Blackmore – Head of Direct Marketing

Advert – Costa Coffee “I Was Made for Loving You” / Music – Kiss: I Was Made For Loving You


A great idea, well executed. I defy anyone not to smile when he does the air grab! Plus, I just love the song.

Rachael Holder – Social Media Account Executive

Advert – Renault Megane “Shake It” / Music – Groove Armada: I See You Baby (shaking that ass)


This is by far the most memorable soundtrack on a TV ad for me and, rather scarily, it’s about 10 years old now! Apparently it received 139 complaints and was banned from being shown on television until after 7.30pm because young children were copying it! I think it’s great and, to this day, I still associate Renault with shakin’ their… you know what!

Kyle Morgan – Telemarketing Executive

Advert – Sony Bravia “Paint” / Music – Rossini: La Gazza Ladra


The music by itself isn’t that interesting. However, with the colourful visuals it really does bring the whole thing to life!

Cheralyn Nadal – Web Developer

Advert – Robinsons “Boogie” / Music – T. Rex: I Love To Boogie


 I remember this because my nephew used to dance along to it in his nappy! Haha! Nice animation too.

Leigh Taylor – Head of Content & Creative

With my background in radio advertising, music has been a big part of my creative career. I could go retro with the jingles for Mr Soft, Cornetto or Flake. But then there are the Levi campaigns, which used so many tracks they released their own CD of them! Not to mention the Guinness Surfer ad, and the annual John Lewis Christmas campaign!

In the end, I went for two…

Advert – Dunlop Tyres “Tested for the Unexpected” / Music – Velvet Underground: Venus in Furs


The perfect combination of music and imagery! Surreal, avant-garde, freaky! I love it!

Advert – Yeo Valley “Yeo Boyz” / Music – Original recording


Who would have thought that farmers rapping about yoghurt would prove so popular? After a deluge of youtube comments they released the track for download and it even spawned a Boy Band follow up!

Claire Fisher – SEO Account Executive

Advert – Honda “Hate something change something” / Music – Original recording


I remember trying to learn the lyrics with my friends at school. This was the kind of advert that if you weren’t whistling along to it, you could guarantee someone else was. It just seems to get stuck in your head.

Advert – Mazda 2 / Music – Noisettes: Don’t Upset the Rhythm

Mazda 2

This 2009 ad rocketed the song into the charts at number 2. I remember the first time I caught a glimpse of this, it was a catchy, feel good tune that made me want to dance. It clearly worked because I wanted to know what the song was and also buy the car!

Geraint Manning – Design Director

Advert – Ikea “Kitchens” / Music – Jona Lewie: You’ll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties


A really clever combination of an infectiously catchy tune, a retro 80s look and an inventive way to get across the message of the ad; that Ikea can offer a whole lot of creative kitchen options!

Mike Mansfield – Graphic Designer

Advert – Oxo “Shepherd’s Pie” / Music – Original recording by Bernie Shaw


Featuring vocals from the lead singer of Uriah Heap, who can fail to be impressed by the combination of cock rock and gravy? Plus, there’s the genius lyric, “gonna bake you in hell tonight, gas mark 4 not farenheit!”

Stuart Burns – Telemarketing Executive

Everyone seems to remember catchy advert songs and jingles from their childhood – ask anyone in their 30’s about Kia Ora and Um Bongo and they will sing back to you how they like to drink Um Bongo in the Congo and Kia Ora is too orangey for Crows.

What advertising tunes would kids today be remembering in 20 years? Will a new generation be humming the Danone jingle? With the advent of on-demand TV and the ability to skip ads, maybe this old fashioned form of crafting a memorable and effective song is on the decline.

We should all be thankful for adverts and their fondness for a catchy song and jingle, otherwise the career of everyone’s favourite thespian, Ross Kemp, would never have been launched!


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