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an uprise chemistry lesson

The periodic table of SEO success factors has had an update so it’s time for us to don our finest lab coats and get our chemistry brains in gear.

Search Engine Land Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors

The original SEO table breaks down traditional ranking factors into different elements; these are a mixture of a number of things including content, HTML, links and social. Similar to chemistry, each element has a two letter symbol. The first letter represents the category, for example S would stand for Social. The second letter stands for the actual element, so SS stands for Social Shares. The exception lies within any bad SEO practices, these are referred to as violations so their element will always begin with V. Confusing? Stick with us.

As this is going to be a chemistry lesson in SEO, we’ve taken inspiration from our favourite chemistry teacher, Breaking Bad’s Walter White. If you’re not familiar with the hugely popular TV series (have you been living under a rock for the last 7 years?), it follows the evolution of this mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher into the drug-lord and criminal mastermind known as Heisenberg.

Of course, we Uprisers don’t condone the art of cooking crystal meth in an old RV, but we do believe in cooking up a storm when it comes to our SEO services. And just like Walter, our product is as pure as it comes…

courtesy of Huffington Post

courtesy of Huffington Post

Content (C)

The importance of quality content is something that Search Engine Land and ourselves agree on. The most important elements to us are Cq (quality) and Cr (research). When cooked together, these elements make for a winning product that’s as popular as Walt’s “Blue Sky”. However, whilst Walt’s recipe for high quality meth might work time and time again, you can’t keep reusing the same recipe when it comes to content. Google frowns upon duplicate content, so try to keep your ideas fresh and tweak your recipe wherever possible.

As for Cr, keyword research lies at the heart of any SEO campaign and enables you to find out what your customers are looking for so you can give them the right solution. After all, nobody wants to be trawling the streets like Walt’s sidekick Jesse, trying to sell their product to uninterested people. Keyword research will ensure that your content/product reaches the right people.

Architecture (A)

Your website needs to be as duplicitous as Walt’s life. It’s time to talk responsive. Your site needs to be able to adapt to it’s environment. Let’s face it, if Walt acted like his alter-ego Heisenberg in the classroom, there’d have been a problem from the offset. Similarly, your website can’t display itself on a mobile device in the same way that it would a desktop. This is why the element Am (mobile) is crucial to the architecture of your website. Particularly with the recent Mobilegeddon that made a Hollywood-disaster-movie-style impact on the world of search results.

Links (L)

When it comes to link building strategies, you need to be careful. Take inspiration from Breaking Bad’s Gus Fring. The Drug Kingpin and founder of a chain of fast food outlets is reluctant to take a chance on Walt because of Jesse’s unreliable ways; something you should practice in link building. You’ll get the best results if you remain cautious and sceptical of shady sites. If a site doesn’t seem trustworthy, then don’t waste your time trying to get a link. Lq (link quality) is the most important element here; but what’s the element that has the potential to be the catalyst for disaster? Vi (spam). Don’t spam people with links or put them in untrustworthy places. If Gus had been offloading meth in bulk or selling it to anyone and everyone, then he wouldn’t have built up the authority and fortune that he had. Consider this carefully when developing your link building strategy; slow and steady wins the race.

If you’re a fan of the series, you’ll know that Gus “lost face” in Season 4! We won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it but it’s a handy metaphor for how bad link building can have “explosive” implications!

Social (S)

Now that you’ve got good content, it’s time to get it out there. Don’t fall at the first hurdle like Walt and Jesse did initially. Social media is a great way to build reputable contacts who will share your content to their networks and thus create greater exposure for you. So, how do you do this?

In Breaking Bad, Walt and Jesse decided that they’d ‘Better Call Saul’. The series’ standout character, Saul Goodman is a criminal lawyer with some shady contacts who acts as their attorney and accomplice, taking their small-time concern and turning it into a profitable business.

Whilst it’d be a bit of a stretch to call Saul Goodman a “reputable contact”, he does really get Walt’s product out there and create a buzz amongst the “hierarchy” of the drug-dealing world. Social media can offer the same capabilities as Saul, but without any of the annoying life-threatening stuff!

Social only has two elements in the periodic table of SEO; Sr (reputation) and Ss (shares). Of course, if people aren’t sharing your content then maybe it’s time to get back in the lab and cook something else up. Likewise, you probably don’t want your content shared by notorious drug lords and shady lawyers, so stick with reputable industry influencers within your niche.

If you need a bit of help cooking up the right formula for your SEO strategy, then don’t call Saul – Call Uprise! 

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