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our Uprisers pitch in with their favourites

With the Rugby World Cup celebrations in full swing, we thought we’d share our favourite rugby related marketing campaigns of 2015.


The build up for this year’s Rugby World Cup has been phenomenal, and of course, with big sport events comes big advertising. All of the big brands have joined the scrum to try and score some points with their clever advertising campaigns. There’s no shortage of great campaigns, so our Uprisers were faced with a challenge when it came to choosing their favourite…


For me the best campaign of this World Cup has been the Land Rover ‘We deal In Real’ campaign, which focuses on 11 of the most remote and unusual local rugby clubs around the world. It’s been done to highlight Land Rover’s commitment to supporting grassroots rugby and showcase the great characters and camaraderie in amateur rugby, which it does it really effectively.


Although controversial, to me Matt Dawson’s ‘Hakerena’ video is one of the better World Cup adverts out there. Let’s face it Matt Dawson rhythmically swaying his hips is enough to put anyone off their game!


Mine has to be the ‘ball in the wall’ at Cardiff Castle. I like the way that it suddenly appeared, having been quietly constructed overnight. It’s also worked really well on social media, with the photoshopping of it adding some humour to the campaign. I’ve passed it in Cardiff and there are still groups of people  having their pictures taken by it, it’s a great gimmick!


For me, it has to be the ‘Kick It Like Wilko’ advert from BBH Sport. The purpose of the ad is to warn people about the growing concern of fake tickets. It does this by evoking the same excitement that fans feel on a match day, but when ‘Wilko’ goes for the kick and trips over, it’s revealed that he’s just a lookalike. In a nutshell, the advert perfectly recreates the disappointment that victims of ticket fraud face.


“I just really, really like it.” Geraint Manning; a man of few words. These are the pearls of wisdom that we managed to glean from our Design Director. We couldn’t have summed it up quite so inspiringly ourselves. Although it’s nice to see that he’s using one of our key guiding principles; keep it simple!

Leigh & Rachael

It was bound to happen, two Uprisers were inevitably going to fight it out over one campaign. As much as we’d love to have had them battle it out in a 90’s Gladiators’ style fight with pugil sticks, we thought we’d adhere to health and safety rules and instead get a sentence from each of them on what they liked most about it…

“Typical of Innocent’s anarchic approach to marketing, this is a neat little parody of brands piggy-backing a topical event when there’s little or no relevance to their own product. Plus I know little or nothing about sport either, so I sympathise with them!”

Leigh Taylor; Resident Uprise Wordsmith

“Innocent Smoothies are always ones to be innovative and playful on their social media accounts, so it’s no surprise that the social giants jumped on the Rugby World Cup bandwagon with this brilliant ‘Being rugby since 1999’ campaign. The idea is quite simple: it’s a short 1 minute 5 second video featuring their “Head of Rugby” talking about how the Innocent brand is “obsessed with rugby” – from the products that they make to the people that they hire! A simple but great campaign.”

Rachael Holder; Twitter Guru

It’s also great to see that Innocent are maintaining it well on Twitter…


This Beats by Dre advert featuring Richie McCaw is just superbly done. It’s already racked up over 3 million views on YouTube and I can see why. From the stunning New Zealand landscape to the heartfelt haka, it all fits together to encompass everything that makes rugby so great. Top marks for this one.


I really like how Give Blood have used something as topical as the World Cup to spread the important message of donating blood. Initially, the concept of blood donation and rugby seem totally unrelated, but Give Blood have done a fantastic job of making the two elements work seamlessly together. Enlisting the help of some of England’s greatest rugby players and watching them recreate the iconic England red rose out of their own blood sends a powerful message. Furthermore, the ‘bleed for England’ strapline and hashtag is simple yet effective; it does a great job of highlighting just how much of a difference you can make by giving blood.


This is a really inspiring build-up to the World Cup delivered by Game of Thrones’ very own Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance)  – I nearly cried.

If you have any favourite rugby related marketing campaigns, then feel free to Tweet them to us!

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