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It’s been a hectic year at Uprise, for all the best reasons, so we decided to chill out and think about our favourite ad campaigns of the year. From giant teddy bears to superstar farmers and 80s action heroes, here are our favourite ads for 2013.

Mark’s favourite: Somersby Cider – “The Somersby Store”









This parodies the buzz and anticipation around the launch of the latest tech gadgets, with its own play on digital lingo, like apples being available in 16pip or 32pip. From now on I won’t be holding a pint, I’ll be interfacing with my wireless beverage in my man-made docking station. It made me laugh the first time I saw it, and still does.

Shelley’s favourite: Ikea – “Playin’ with my friends”









As much as I’m not the biggest fan of shopping in Ikea, this advert is great! It’s fun and a bit different, but also demonstrates a large range of their products which are adaptable for all members of the family at home. Plus, who wouldn’t want a life sized teddy or giant robot?

Claire’s favourite: Microsoft – “Don’t Fight”









This has to be my favourite ad of 2013. My dad and I have constant arguments about Apple and Samsung, I’m an isheep whereas he prefers anything that isn’t apple. He sent me this advert, and it still makes me laugh.

Stuart’s favourite: Volvo – V40 Challenge


I may not be able to drive, but I love this Volvo ad. As a Heavy Metal fan I think the tagline is great and it’s a confident bit of marketing to offer to cover the first month’s payment of a Mercedes if you don’t buy a Volvo after your test drive. On a side note, everyone should try a bit of Scandinavian metal!

Rachael’s favourite: Sainsbury’s – “Christmas in a Day”









This Christmas ad is great! For me, it may even beat John Lewis’ Bear and Hare advert, which is saying something! I love the bit when the little boy signs ‘I fed a sheep and it’s Christmas day’, one of those things that gets stuck in your head. After reading up on it, I’m even more impressed. It was created from more than 360 hours of footage, received from all over the UK and directed by Kevin Macdonald, who made The Last King of Scotland, one of my favourite films.

Leigh’s favourite: BA – “#lookup”









Lots to choose from but a simple, effective and seemingly magical campaign was British Airways’ #lookup posters. The animated screens show children pointing to flights passing overhead, giving the actual flight number and destination of the plane. A great use of outdoor with a twist of digital wizardry. A mark of a successful campaign is when other brands spoof it and, while not quite as effective, Domino’s #lookdown campaign was at least quick off the mark!

Mike’s favourite: Adobe – “Photoshop Live”









Now this is some speedy retouching! To promote their Adobe Creative Day, a designer hiding in a nearby van made the people at a bus stop the stars of their very own poster ad. Very impressive!

Gareth’s favourite: Southern Comfort – “Beach”









Southern Comfort was a brand I hadn’t thought about since my teenage years, but the original ‘beach’ advert and their latest ‘shampoo’ advert  made me reconsider my perceptions of the drink. I love the line ‘whatever’s comfortable’, it really sums up the message they’re trying to communicate of being comfortable in your own skin, no matter what you look like or how unfashionable you are. The soundtrack is great and the casting is perfect. I may even try the drink again, but without the lime and lemonade this time!

Nathan’s favourite: Kronenbourg 1664 – “The Farmers of Alsace”









I love the idea of farmers having the same status as football superstars. Surprisingly, Cantona’s acting isn’t bad either! It also came with its own viral campaign that followed the farmers’ reactions to Cantona’s jealousy in the Alsace News.

Kyle’s favourite: TOYOTA GT86 – “The Real Deal”









I love the way that this went from Grand Theft Auto style CGI into the real world. Plus it’s a very pretty car, which helps!

Geraint’s favourite: Marmite – “End Marmite Neglect”









I’m a self-confessed marmite lover, so this was always going to tug on my heartstrings! The narration is perfect, the acting great and the whole concept was expanded on very cleverly on social media. Even the complaints it received worked in their favour, resulting in plenty of news coverage and an opportunity for them to put their money where their mouth was with a charitable donation.

Jyles’ favourite: Volvo Trucks – “The Epic Split”









Jean Claude Van Damme, two trucks, one epic split. With 60 million YouTube views in less than a month, this is about as viral as you can get! It demonstrated the precision steering in a way that you certainly wouldn’t have expected and prompted a whole host of parodies, none of them as impactful as the original, although Chuck made a good effort!

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