Mind the tech gap – is your organisation’s digital technology ready for a new generation?

Every business is targeted towards two audiences;

  • Their customers – encouraging people to use the product or service that they offer
  • Their employees – encouraging people to join them in delivering that product or service

In both instances, a generation of technically savvy digital natives is emerging. With their own specific needs and experiences, they are disrupting the traditional ways that customers and employees interact with businesses.

Inspired by “Born Disruptive”, Samsung’s recent report about this new generation, we thought we’d look at how the digital technology used by a business can attract and retain these natural born disruptors.

Natural Born Disruptors

Technology has become a constantly evolving interruption in our working and personal lives.

In their report, Samsung calls this constant evolution the Next Mobile Economy and the companies that can take advantage of it will be the ones that grow and thrive.

A new generation of employees and customers are emerging. And for them, technology was built into their life from an early age.

As a result, they expect the technology that they use in the workplace and interact with in their daily lives to offer a seamless user experience, providing them with an array of data and analytics.

Businesses need to start asking themselves; is the technology that we use advanced enough to attract and retain this new generation?

Are you digitally capable?

According to a survey by INSEAD business school, almost two-thirds of millennials view their employer’s digital capabilities as important, but only 40% think the firms where they work are currently up to the mark.

But it’s not just the technology behind the scenes that needs to keep up. It’s important to ensure that a business’ customer-facing digital applications offer a great experience as well.

Either way, ageing technology is most certainly not attractive to this generation.

Finding and filling the tech gap

Many companies suffer from a “tech gap” between those who run the business and those who use the organisation’s technology.

This can result in an unwillingness to update ageing solutions.

It could be an outdated content management system for the company’s website that doesn’t allow staff to edit content and images easily.

Or, when digital platforms require more functionality, it can result in CRM systems, online booking systems and eCommerce solutions that create a bad user experience for both customers and employees.

So how do you bridge this tech gap?


A good starting point is to look at the way customers and employees currently use your digital systems. A UX audit can help you to do this.

A focus on customer experience (CX) will highlight what people expect from your business when they interact with it digitally.

Exploring your own internal processes and the technology that your staff use to do their job more effectively will hopefully flag up some opportunities to improve things.

Essentially, people will expect their tech to work. They want it to be easy and seamless, with a simple, intuitive user interface (UI).

Flexible – Mobile - Tech-enabled

Businesses need to become highly flexible, mobile and tech-enabled organisations if they want to succeed in the Next Mobile Economy.

According to a recent report by the International Workplace Group, by 2020, half of the global workforce will be working remotely for the majority of their time.

The ability to access a company’s digital solutions on any device will become more important than ever.

As vital as it is for a business to have a responsive website design, it’s just as important for the back-end of these platforms to be accessible on tablets and smartphones as well as laptops and desktop devices.

With the right tech, staff can be more productive, efficient, and flexible. And with the right UX design, visitors and customers can get a great online experience.

We’ll leave you with this final thought from the American physicist William G. Pollard, “The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.”

Your business might be thriving right now but if you don’t recognise and fill the tech gap with up-to-date, efficient digital platforms, you won’t experience the benefits of these natural born disruptors.

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