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As a fast-growing web development agency in Cardiff, we're very proud of the team that we have. From our dexterous designers to our creative copywriters, we couldn't ask for a better team. However, as today is National Techies Day, we'd like to give our dynamic development team an extra special shoutout! 

What is National Techies Day?

Let's be honest, there's a day for everything these days. And although I'm slightly disappointed that I somehow missed National Writer's Day, there's no denying that our hard-working tech team deserve recognition for their complex coding and impressive software solutions! And Techies Day was originally founded to do just that; to celebrate those who embark on careers in the technology sector.

Back in 1998, it was established by and CNET Networks to help high school students become better educated about obtaining careers in technology. It's because of these software savvy individuals that we're able to enjoy innovative technology in our day-to-day lives, and life would be a lot different if it wasn't for the substantial work done by these computer geniuses. So without further ado, allow us to introduce you to our very own coding champions!

Craig - Technical Account Manager 

Craig is the face of our technical team. He generally spends his time chatting with our clients to scope out their technical requirements and ensuring all of our clients are kept in the loop when we're working on a website or bespoke application for them. He's also the first point of call if there's any technical problems or issues that a client might be experiencing. 

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Mark Thomas - Technical Director

Before we acquired VSI Thinking back in 2015, Mark was the Managing Director and original founder of VSI. Now he spends his time overseeing the technical side of our company as well as meeting new and existing clients to keep our business growing! 

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Jon - Head of Development 

Jon spends his time managing our many, many website projects and ensuring the development schedule is all running smoothly in order to meet our clients' deadlines. It's his job to make sure that our clients' dreams and ideas are brought to life through bespoke website and web application development.

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Rhys O'Sullivan - Web Developer

From coding and databasing to styling and scripting, Rhys is a jack of all trades, master of all! Rhys brings our website designs to life using the many skills that he's picked up over the years. 

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Ilias - Web Developer

With an impressive skillset, Ilias creates interactive and responsive websites by using all of the latest web technologies you can think of! Creating a great user experience lies at the heart of everything Ilias does, and call us biased, but we think it shows in the end product! 

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Rhys Coles - Application Developer

When he's not developing responsive websites and web applications for our clients, Rhys is responsible for developing and maintaining our core products of thinkCMS, thinkProject, thinkShopper, and not forgetting our award-winning online booking system, thinkBooker.

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Daniel - Web Developer 

A fresh-faced graduate from Aberystwyth University, Dan is the newest addition to our team with a first-class honours degree under his belt. Dan's hit the ground running and spends his days developing websites fit for desktop and mobile devices.

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If you'd like to join our technical team, check out our current vacancies! 

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