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Twitter and Google: a marriage of convenience

We love a good romance at Uprise, so we were thrilled when we heard that Twitter and Google had rekindled their romance. A new contract between the companies means that Google will now be indexing tweets. This means that social media will now have an even larger impact on your SEO strategy and how your website ranks within Google.

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Google has always had access to some tweets, but this new contract will allow Google full access to Twitter’s entire stream of tweets. This new deal will be beneficial to both Google and Twitter. Tweets often consist of relevant and timely news, whilst the character limit ensures that they are, for the most part, concise and relevant. This means that Google users will get access to great tweets that are relevant to their search, whilst Twitter gets some free traffic to their site. A win-win situation! The benefits of this partnership needn’t end there though as this update will be valuable to all Twitter users, particularly those of you with businesses. Here are our top tips on maximising your social media presence and boosting your brand’s profile.

Sell yourself

First things first, your Twitter profile should be up to date and briefly explain who you are. Your Twitter account should act as a doorway to your website so make sure that you maximise your account by adding your website URL into the allocated space in the bio section, as well as your location. As is always the case with Twitter, every character counts. Your bio can only contain up to 160 characters, so keep it short and sweet. Consider putting keywords into your bio but remember to keep it natural.

Get active

Twitter is a great way to give yourself a human voice in a virtual world. Think of your Twitter account as a portal in which you can truly engage with your customers. If you’re not regularly active on Twitter, then now is the time to act. If Google is indexing tweets, then this is another opportunity to get your brand out there. Plus, Twitter is a live feed of relevant news that will help you stay informed with real-time happenings and trends. Follow industry influencers so you know what people are talking about and engage with people.

Think before you tweet

Whilst Twitter is a great tool to share your latest blog articles and products, you should make sure to include some variety and not just a relentless stream of links, as this will probably cost you followers in the long run. Engage with your followers by retweeting interesting articles from other reliable sources, and tweet messages that allow people to see your personality, not just links to your website. Include images with your tweets as these are often more visually appealing, making it more likely for them to catch somebody’s eye when they’re trawling through Twitter. You should mention people where appropriate and use hashtags to increase visibility on specific topics, but don’t overdo it. With Twitter, less is often more; hence that famous 160 character rule!

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