Keeping up(rise) with social updates

As you probably know, the world of social media moves quickly. There’s always something going on, an update here, a little tweak there and groundbreaking announcements everywhere. Of course, we appreciate that not everyone gets as excited about these seemingly small updates, but as a company that specialises in social media management, we're not ashamed to admit that we're fanatical about Facebook and transfixed by Twitter updates.

With so much going on in the world of social, it can be hard to stay up-to-date and it's easy to miss things. As such, we've decided to start a regular blog series to update you on the biggest and most recent advances in social. Not all of them may seem relevant to you or impact the strategy you may have for your social media, nevertheless, it’s important to be aware of these changes. So, without further ado, our Social Media Executive, Rachael, shares some of the recent updates that have stood out to her.

Twitter exclude @replies from Tweet Character limit

Source: Tressie McMillan Cottom

Following the blessed day when Twitter finally announced that photos, links and GIFs would no longer be included in its character limit, Twitter continues to make changes to its character limit. They're currently testing a change to remove @replies from the character limit. However, this has been done by removing the person's Twitter handle from the tweet altogether, as you can see in the screenshot above. There have been a number of people criticising the move saying that it’s difficult to see who you’re replying to, and it may encourage more malicious replies and trolling as it removes the victim’s names. It'll be interesting to see how this one pans out and what other updates Twitter has in store as they continue to react to declining revenue growth and the slowed growth in user numbers. 

Snapchat on the big screen 

In September, Snapchat unveiled its first hardware product: brightly coloured sunglasses equipped with cameras. Since then, it’s been rumoured that the company is taking steps to break into the world of television too. Snapchat wants to fill its online service with a range of original video programming from breaking news to entertainment and reality shows.

Facebook Workplace

Last month, Facebook finally released Workplace. Formerly known as Facebook at Work, Workplace is a collaborative platform that aims to keep your team members connected via group chats, live video, reactions and audio calling. Admittedly, it's not the first to the market, as it essentially follows in the footsteps of Yammer and Slack, but it’s hoping to win people over with a few added benefits that I've talked about in more detail on the Paramount Interiors' blog. One of which comes in the form of its pricing, Facebook is going to charge by monthly active users – defined in this case as opening up and using Workplace at least once in the month. It’s an interesting concept but as dedicated Slack supporters, it's one that we would have to experiment with and see if it’s worth the switch! 

360º photos display better on Facebook

On the grand scale of things, this is a pretty minor update but it does make a huge difference when uploading 360° photos! Rather than Facebook automatically selecting the view it wants to show, you will now be able to manually select what you want to show. 

Facebook banned adverts showing in Thailand

This was something that came as a surprise to us, as it wasn’t until we were creating adverts for a client on Facebook that we were made aware of this. Above is a screenshot of the surprising notification message that we were recently shown by Facebook. We found it unusual that a company that focuses on making money from advertisements would ban advertising in an entire country, but kudos to Facebook for doing this out of respect of Thailand's culture and to show respect for the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. 

Scheduling live broadcasts on Facebook

It was obviously a busy month at Facebook HQ as they rolled out a lot of new updates last month! This is something we found particularly interesting, though. Facebook Live has been around for a while, but businesses can now schedule a specific time to go live. Personally, we think this is a great idea as it allows businesses the opportunity to build up the hype if they're going live for a big event or announcing exciting news. It also means that viewers can make sure that they're available to tune in without interruption. 

Pinterest announces Pin Collective

Pinterest is gradually stepping away from the social media limelight and edging towards eCommerce, which makes perfect sense in my eyes as 75% of all saved Pins  now come from business boards. In their own words, Pinterest commented, “The Pin Collective connects businesses with Pinterest’s best content creators. Our team hand-selected a group of publishers, production shops and independent creators who know the nuances of what makes content successful on Pinterest. These experts will work directly with brands to create content that simultaneously delights Pinners and drives business results.” We'll always love perusing Pinterest for inspiration and sending things to friends, so it'll always have relevance as a social media site, but we're excited to see what Pinterest's next plans are as they continue to move towards providing eCommerce solutions. 

Youtube's End Screens feature

Have you noticed that YouTube videos now display a thumbnail overlay at the end? This new feature is called End Screens, and it aims to make viewers take an action and encourage them to keep watching more videos. Up until now, you had to use Annotations to manually create end screens, but this was a desktop-only tool and could be quite time-consuming. We're looking forward to seeing how this impacts video viewing stats, and thankfully, this data will all be trackable in YouTube's analytics! 

 If all of these social media updates have made you want to up your social media game, talk to us about your strategy today.

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