fruit lovin’ uprisers!

an apple a day keeps uprise happy!

What we do at Uprise doesn’t really lend itself to keeping fit and healthy in the office! I suppose we could jog on the spot while we design artwork and write content, or do star jumps as we develop websites and improve SEO. The Telemarketing team did try doing laps around the office during their calls, until someone got the wrong impression from Mark’s heavy breathing down the phone!

It’s hardly surprising then that, when we were asked to review Fruitdrop’s fruit box delivery service, we jumped at the chance to do something healthy!

Fruitdrop offer a weekly delivery of fresh fruit to offices of any size across the UK, sourced from local markets and packed by hand. Each Monday we looked forward to the box arriving so that we could take the paper off the top and see what goodies had been delivered. The succulent selection included apples, oranges, tangerines, grapes, apricots, pears, bananas, kiwis, peaches and the hugest plums we’ve ever seen!


Having fresh fruit available for everyone to snack on proved a healthy alternative to the inevitable 10th cuppa of the day or cheeky chocolate bar! Especially when we discovered that the natural sugar in an apple is more potent than the caffeine in coffee!

We definitely found a new love for fruit in the office, any leftovers (of which there were few) were put to good use in an end-of-the-week fruit salad, emptying the fruit bowl for Monday’s next delivery.

Here’s what the Uprise Team thought…

“It was something to look forward to on a Monday morning and definitely helped with the pre-summer Slimming World diet too! Healthy, filling and convenient – I would highly recommend.”

“I was really impressed. The box of fruit was always brimming, and the fruit was always bright shiny, ripe and in great condition.”

“A great idea that certainly pushed some of us to eat more fruit. The quality and choice were spot on.”

“It stopped us from snacking on sweets and cakes as much as we usually do”

All in all, we’d certainly recommend giving Fruitdrop a try if you want your office to feel a bit healthier.

Written by Team Uprise


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