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design stuff cardiff – august 2015

At Uprise, we love supporting local creative events, so last night a few of us headed down to the latest Design Stuff Cardiff at 10 Feet Tall.

Design Stuff is a free monthly event organised by a lovely bunch with some great speakers and the chance to win some really great books such as the Art of SEO!

This month saw Kris Carter discussing his background in Comic Books and the process of getting comic books out there. The multi-talented Samuel Goudie was up next talking about the relationships between web developers and designers.

Kris Carter with ‘How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Small Press Comic-Books’.


Kris is a passionate illustrator and creator of comic books who has worked on some great projects, including Transformers and Cardiff-favourite, Dr Who.

His latest comic, Bruce Outback, follows the adventures of Australia’s primary time-travelling detective and his koala sidekick!

Kris filled us all in on just how much work, blood sweat and tears goes into producing a comic book and shared some great design tips for comic illustration. From listing out each page idea to hand-drawn sketches, adding layers of coloUr (we’re purposefully using the English spelling of the word, since Kris had a run in with some American clients who preferred their own way of spelling it!) and special effects, he really gave an insight into the hours of work that go into creating comics and just how pesky those little round nobbles on a Dalek are to colour in!

We particularly liked how Kris plans ahead and leaves space for lettering to be added in. In the comic world, lack of space for text could mean that the whole panel needs reworking to make the story flow.

Our own design work has shown us the importance of ensuring that text is legible, so we understand the need for planning ahead and strategy whilst also staying creative.

Follow Kris on Twitter @Drivaaar

Samuel Goudie with ‘United Nerds & Hipsters’.


Next up was Samuel, giving out some great designer and developer relationship counselling!

Samuel has skills in both design and development, which we think is great in today’s digital landscape. For a happy marriage between the two disciplines, Samuel covered aspects of the relationship that included unity, empathy and being humble.

He kicked off (not literally) with unity, the key to doing something great. We totally agree with Samuel and know how teamwork is key to successful projects.

Samuel then spoke about how the most important thing in communication is empathy and understanding or being open to another person’s point of view. After all, no one likes to feel that they’re not being understood right! This ties in perfectly with one of our three guiding principles, ‘think like a customer’; it’s all about putting yourself in the shoes of the audience that you’re targeting and understanding their needs.

Samuel also covered an interesting Disney related creative strategy. Apparently, Walt Disney broke down the creative process into 3 stages; the dreamer, the realist and the spoiler.

The Dreamer

At this stage you come up with ideas without limitations and constantly ask yourself ‘why not?’ in order to push your boundaries without any limitations, however bizarre or absurd.

The Realist

The second stage moves onto the area of realism. Here, the dreamer ideas are assessed, examined and considered in terms of actually being realised.

The Spoiler

The third stage is for being critical and finding faults, if the idea passes this stage then, in Walt’s eyes, it was a winner!

Samuel gave us a great and humorous example that related to his first time paddleboarding and how being humble (and listening to the person trying to help, his lovely wife in this case) can help you achieve great things!

Overall, one of Samuel’s main points was that designing for the user is key:

We completely understand the need for a functional yet pretty website here at Uprise and our combined skill sets and glorious harmony can be seen in our work.

We’re definitely with Samuel on this one, a bit of constructive criticism is healthy in a professional relationship, so long as you always aim for the ultimate goal and, as another of our other guiding principles; ‘get **it done’!

Follow Samuel on Twitter @sgoudie

Design Stuff is a FREE social event so if you’re a nerd, a hipster or both, anyone who’s into all things creative can spend a few hours in good company and learn something new. We can’t wait for the next one!

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