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How we helped Velindre Fundraising create their 2017 Christmas appeal

Every year, businesses send out their annual Christmas message.

Being a digital marketing and web design agency, ours will inevitably have an online element. However, we still send out a few traditional Christmas cards to clients and customers.

This year, we decided to do something a bit different. It all started with a conversation we had with Velindre Cancer Care Fundraising.

A very merry paperless Christmas

Having designed and developed the new website for Velindre Fundraising using our own content management system, they came to us with an idea for their Christmas appeal.

They wanted to encourage people to ditch the cards this Christmas and send virtual festive messages. To make this happen, they needed to add a new page to their website with some specific functionality.

Since it was such an amazing cause, and this is the season for giving, we offered to work on the campaign free of charge.

The difference a message can make

It’s worth looking at the amazing work that this campaign is helping to support.

The carers at Velindre knew that many patients worry about talking to their children about their illness. To help support parents and grandparents with a cancer diagnosis, they developed a series of award-winning books.

Each book comes with adult and baby lion toys, one for the patient and one for the child so that they can both feel connected throughout the diagnosis and treatment.

Velindre Fundraising wanted the donations from the Christmas appeal to provide families with the storybooks, lion toys and specialist support to show a patient and their family how to use the book and toys.

Yuletide user experience

We now needed to create a page that not only looked good and conveyed the message of the campaign but was also easy to use and worked seamlessly.

The first stage was to design the layout of the page and the messaging.

Our design team created a logo for the appeal and an illustrative style for the baubles containing visitors’ messages that could be replicated for all related marketing activity.

We even added a funky swivel effect when the messages change.

The content not only needed to show people how they could donate but also highlight the amazing work that Velindre was already doing to support families with cancer.

Festive functionality

With the front-end of the page designed, it was time to look at the back-end functionality.

This would ensure that people’s donations could be made and their messages shared.

In order to do this, the page would need to:

  • Integrate with WorldPay
  • Allow people to share their messages easily on social media
  • Look the same on any device; tablet, mobile or desktop
  • Allow Velindre to edit and highlight specific messages
  • Offer anonymous donations

Using our content management system, we were able to offer all of this functionality and more.


When people choose their donation amount and enter their message, they are given the opportunity to share their message via social media.

These were auto-populated to include an image in keeping with the design of the site and the campaign hashtag; #DitchTheCards.

An additional feature on the page also allows visitors to see all of the messages in one long stream of baubles.

Deck the web with festive messages

Since launching the campaign, Velindre has already received some seasonal messages from a few of their well-known supporters.

We’ve joined Sam, ditched the cards and shared our own festive message.

We’re now encouraging all of our clients and customers to do the same.

So have a have a very merry paperless Christmas and…


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