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It’s probably no surprise that we’re movie lovers here at UpriseVSI, so the release of the new Batman vs Superman not only got us a bit excited but also caused the occasional debate in the office. On paper, it might seem like a bit of a one-sided battle, but those of us with a bit of comic knowledge know that it may not be quite as clear cut as it first seems. In fact, the latest DC Comics film could finally answer the question that Heath Ledger’s Joker posed in The Dark Knight: what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Will the unstoppable Man of Steel be too much for the unwavering Dark Knight?

Caped Keyword Crusaders & Copy-writing Kryptonians

Whilst some of our team (we’re looking at you Leigh) could write quite the substantially-detailed blog about who would really win in the fight, rather than inflicting a 6,000-word dissertation on the subject we’ve chosen to avoid any unnecessary bloodshed and arguments in the office.


So for the greater good of our team, we decided to explore the more office-friendly topic of what both Batman and Superman can teach us about two of the most important elements of digital marketing, content marketing and technical SEO. Hell hath no fury like a scorned comic book lover, so I apologise in advance for the SEO superhero stereotypes…

Batman – The hero your on-page optimisation needs

With his access to all the latest gadgets and technical know-how, it seems obvious to assume that Batman would befit the technical SEO role. Well-trained and meticulous in his execution, Batman knows how to keep Gotham safe whilst sticking to his own self-imposed sense of morality. That’s not all too different to how a good SEO specialist will protect your rankings whilst making sure that it aligns with Google’s strict guidelines.

The thing with technical SEO is that it needs to be constantly monitored and accuracy is key. You need to watch over your rankings and on page optimisation with the same acute vision that Batman uses to watch over Gotham. Batman has spent years of his life training to the point where it’s become nigh-on obsessive. Whilst you don’t need to be quite as neurotic, it’s worth taking note of his investment in the best training and his constant drive to be better.

Batman grows increasingly more and more concerned about Superman’s superhuman strength and powers, but there’s got to be a part of him that fears the competition too. Fortunately, a super SEO Specialist could alleviate those concerns about competition. With the help of tools like Google Analytics and on-page optimisation, Batman could always stay one step ahead of his competition and keep his rankings on track. A little bit of competition is healthy anyway, right?


Superman – Truth, justice & the creative way

To keep rolling with this analogy, it seems fitting to compare Superman to a copywriter. Especially since Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent was a reporter. So we imagine that the Man of Steel churned out more than the occasional blog article in his time.

Superman is one of the few superheroes who was born with his powers; he wasn’t bitten by a radioactive spider or the test subject of a weird scientific procedure. Similarly, the best content is something that comes naturally. The best copywriters are often born with a natural affinity and passion for the written word, just as Superman is born with his gifts. When it comes to writing engaging content, you do need a certain amount of natural flair. I’m not suggesting that we copywriters are comparable to omnipotent superheroes that save people from burning buildings (well, not much), but having a certain natural prowess for the written word is certainly a skill. And, at the very least, anyone who’s writing about a topic should have a passion for the subject at hand.

Superman is virtually indestructible but despite his many superhuman gifts, he still isn’t able to eliminate crime in his city, let alone worldwide. This teaches us a valuable lesson in regard to producing great content; you can have all the talent in the world but without a good strategy and a pinch of technical know-how, that content will be wasted.


Working together for the greater good

Imagine what would be possible if Superman had access to The Bat Cave’s wealth of gadgets, or if Batman had Superman’s super speed. With the right combination of superhuman powers and impressive gadgets, there’d be no stopping Batman and Superman together. To paraphrase the wise figure that is Alfred Pennyworth, some men just want to watch the digital world burn. Superman and Batman need to set aside their differences in order to overcome villains such as those troublesome sorts who practice Black Hat SEO.

Given the fact that the new movie is going to set up the super-team blockbuster, Justice League, it’s hardly spoiler territory to admit that these two heroes will eventually get together to fight crime at some point.

Why settle for one superhero when you can have two? It shouldn’t be a case of choosing one side. You can write pages and pages of great content, but if you don’t have the technical foundations in place then your website is going to remain as difficult to find as planet Krypton. For the best SEO results, you’ll need a combination of great content and the right technical know-how. A digital super-team of powered individuals. 

Fortunately, the creative copywriters at UpriseVSI work in their own Content Cave to create compelling website content for our clients, using SEO best practice and UX principles to keep visitors engaged.

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