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For those few people who’ve yet to crawl out from under their rock and hear the news, we take a look at Google’s latest bombshell…

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Google shocked us all this week with their Google Alphabet announcement. The gist of it is that Google have created a new parent company called Alphabet Inc. The general opinion on this move has been one of shock, but the Google rebrand and restructure makes sense. Google has come a long way since its early days, and it has so many diverse aims and projects that it’s only logical that the company would evolve in order to effectively manage this incredible growth.

Having a separate parent company will allow Google to focus on what they do best, namely digital innovation and search. This will allow the separate arms of Alphabet to concentrate on their own strengths, each company having their own individual CEO and responsible for their own growth and marketing budgets. Essentially, Alphabet will just make it easier to distinguish between what’s what amongst the many projects overseen by the tech giant.

What this means for Google?

Google will continue to be an internet giant, and it’s likely to be business as usual for the company, with a sole focus on internet services. In a nutshell, Alphabet is simply a collection of different companies, one of which happens to be Google. Alphabet will allow Google to focus predominantly on the web, whilst their more unusual products move under the broader umbrella brand.

Google will now be able to focus solely on the most famous of its Internet outlets such as search, maps, YouTube, Chrome and Android. The Google team will now be led by their new CEO, Sundar Pichai, who previously held an executive role within the company.

What will Alphabet do?
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The new setup will enable Alphabet to focus on the more unusual opportunities that Google was previously involved in

The main companies that fall under the umbrella of Alphabet are as follows:

  • Google X – This is Google’s main research and innovation lab that focuses on 20 different fields including artificial intelligence, data mining and cryptography.
  • Calico – The separate health-focused research and development that focuses on slowing the ageing process and counteracting age-related diseases.
  • Nest – Primarily focusing on developing smart home ware.
  • Fibre – Super fast broadband and TV-on-demand service
  • Robotics – In 2013, Google bought six robotics companies and will continue research in this field.
What obstacles are Alphabet facing?

There’s been some speculation in regard to how successful this business venture will be, mainly because BMW happen to own the domain and have no intention of selling. There’s also been some concerns about how the “@alphabet” Twitter handle is also already in use, which has left people wondering how carefully Google looked into their new parent name.

What we can take from this?

Let’s face it, if Google themselves are having something of a rebrand, then it goes to show that all businesses need to reevaluate their strategy as their brand grows.

For Google, the reorganisation allows them to reevaluate their own personal goals and focus on achieving those. Consider Google’s evolution over the years; the phrase Google has even become a verb synonymous with searching for information, but Google is far more than just a search engine now. With its ventures into robotics, artificial intelligence and even healthcare, it wouldn’t make sense for Google to remain as one entity. For example, it doesn’t make much sense for a globally renowned search engine to be building driverless cars. By splitting the brand into separate entities, it gives Alphabet the opportunity to create separate brand identities for each of their projects without risk of confusion.

It just goes to show that sometimes change is a good thing if you want your business to continue to grow.

If you’re contemplating taking a leaf out of Google’s book and considering a rebrand or restructure then give us a call to find out how we can help.

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