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lights, camera, action for Tidy Productions

As big fans of Stella, we were thrilled when Tidy Productions asked us to design and develop their new website.

Image source: Wales Online

Image source: Wales Online

Ruth Jones, creator and star of Gavin & Stacey, teamed up with her husband David Peet to found Tidy Productions in 2008. Since then, the production company has become one of Wales’ leading TV production companies, having gone on to create and produce several popular TV shows, including The Great Outdoors, Ar y Tracs and of course, the award-winning Stella.

With all of these successful shows under their belt, the company decided it was time to launch a new website and turned to Uprise to help them out. As well as promoting the shows that Tidy has been responsible for producing, the new site will also showcase the company’s creativity, giving access to behind-the-scenes info and the latest news about the shows they’re currently working on.

As a creative web design and development agency ourselves, teaming up with Tidy gave us a great opportunity to let our creative streak run wild. We’re looking forward to unveiling the finished product, so stay tuned!

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