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For years, we’ve all been hearing the news that print marketing Is dead. Well, we’re here to dispel those rumours once and for all. Whilst digital marketing should be a key element to your marketing strategy, you shouldn’t neglect print.

Print marketing and digital marketing needn’t be pitted against each other; they can work together harmoniously, giving your business endless benefits. At Uprise, we offer a full end-to-end marketing service, which includes print marketing through our sister company, Uprise Print. So we know that print marketing is still a worthwhile marketing tactic. Don’t take our word for it though, we look at the statistics which prove that print marketing could be just what your business needs.

Reaching out

Think about how big the Internet is; how many competitors from across the globe are trying to target your market? It’s inevitable that potential customers are sometimes missing your message. Whilst SEO will help to get your message seen online, it’s vital that you don’t ignore print marketing.

There’s no denying that SEO has endless benefits, but it can be a time consuming process and results can take a while to show. Rather than sitting around twiddling your thumbs and waiting for your Google rankings to increase, you could be sending out targeted print material to potential customers and building valuable brand awareness which will, in turn, benefit your SEO efforts.

The statistics don’t lie, 79% of people say that they will read or at the very least scan direct-mail ads. That’s a substantial figure that shouldn’t be ignored. Think of it this way, how many emails do you leave unread? Or more horrifyingly, how many do you exile into the dreaded realms of your junk folder? We’re guessing that number is quite high. These days, we spend so much time online that we can sometimes zone out when it comes to online advertising and the mass of promotional emails that clutter our inboxes, it’s far more difficult to ignore the occasional piece of print marketing that finds its way into our letterbox.

Building trust

Nowadays, every man and his dog has a website, so it can be hard to know who to trust. People are far more switched on when it comes to scamming and computer viruses. Spammy banner ads and a plethora of popups have made people suspicious about trusting online brands that they haven’t heard of. Print can give a business a sense of legitimacy. In fact, 56% of people have said that they consider print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing.

Digital and print – a match made in heaven

Digital and print are more closely linked than you might think. Consider how many people post photos of interesting print material to social media. These creative print advertisements have gone on to do spectacularly online, which raises brand awareness online and in the real world. If you print a social media hashtag onto print material, you’re likely to see a flurry of followers with an increase in engagement.

Also, consider how QR codes can quickly transform a printed item into a digital alternative. There’s something endearing about being able to switch between these two mediums by just scanning a simple code. A QR code allows people to hold something in their hands but also allows them to explore it in further detail through digital technology.

If you’re ready to fall in love with print again, then give us a call to discuss your many options.

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